Thursday, May 6, 2010

Notes on Growing Up

*Chase is doing GREAT at school.  I talked with his teacher this afternoon and she said that she was expecting him to have an adjustment period, as far as keeping up with the full schedule.  She thought it would be a bit before he had the stamina to make it through the day.  But guess what?  Not so!  He is happy and well adjusted, loves to play with his classmates, sits at the table and eats his breakfast and lunch on his own, and has only napped once this week (the other days he has just laid quietly on his mat.)

He is totally big enough to handle this.

The first day he took a nap after school.  Zonked for almost 3 hours.  But since then?  Nothing.  I actually just brought him down from his room because I opened the door to check on him, and there he was, quietly playing with his Little People.

*Gavin was playing on his own in the playroom while I was devouring half a loaf of fresh bread fixing a snack.  Chase was sleeping and Ian had just gone outside.  It was very very quiet.  I decided to sneak over to the playroom to see what little man was up to.  So I tiptoed over, and found...that he was not there.  Huh.  I looked in all the usual spots, and then noticed that someone (Ian!) had left the gate wide open and the stairs unguarded.

He wasn't on the stairs, so I went up to see exactly what kind of trouble he had found up there...and found him quietly sitting in his room, looking at a bunch of picture books he had spread all over the floor.

Where did my baby go??

*Ian has an alarm clock in his room, and he gets himself up and dressed in the mornings now.  How crazy is that?!  He helps entertain the kids, gets his own drinks, and bosses other people around.  So grown up.

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Kelli said...

Wow,'re such a big boy! Yay :)