Monday, May 24, 2010

Ian the Soccer Star

Ian is playing in the Upwards league this season for soccer, and he LOVES it (and we do, too!).  They are so good with the kids, there is a good structure, and good sportsmanship is valued above all else.  He has learned so much and had such a good time.

He is practicing one evening a week, then has a game on Saturday mornings.  He loves wearing the uniform and carrying around his official water bottle.

We were a little nervous at first.  He was just about the slowest kid on the team...dribbling the ball down the field took  Seriously.  He was Saaallloooowww.  And when I suggested that we practice at home, he totally blew me off, saying that he practiced enough with his team on Tuesdays.

But thanks to some good coaching (or a miracle...not sure which), he has turned out to be a pretty good player!  He is all about defense, and has a knack for getting in front of the ball and turning it around on the other team, and also for last minute saves.  A couple times in each game, he has buzzed right in front of the goal and headed off the opponent's goal kick at the very last second.

He is so freaking cute, and I am so proud of his spirit in the game.  He cheers himself ("WOW!  I have such a good, strong kick, don't I, Mom?") and his teammates on ("Catherine is the best goal getter today!").

Also- their practices and games have a playground and a giant hill that Chase can play on while Ian practices. Chase's favorite thing to do is to climb to the highest point and then give me a heart attack while he hangs off the edge of the swingset, and also running up and down the hill, which gives everyone else a heart attack because they always think he is running into the parking lot.
And Guy is mostly happy to hang out on the blanket and clap whenever he hears anyone else cheer :)

And look!  I am a soccer mom!!


LeShayne said...

Yay for soccer moms!

Becky said...

Yeah for Ian! He's an adorable little soccer player. Can't wait to play with him the next time I come visit! I'm sure he'll school me soon!

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Ian is looking very energetic in this match. I am sure that he never gave a single chance to their opponents.