Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 Hours and Counting...

...until Chase starts Big Boy preschool.

I have his bag packed.  Diapers and wipes, extra clothes, lunch money, butt cream.  Not the normal back-to-school get-up, but it works.  I think.

All the paperwork is filled out.  His outfit is laid out.  Smoothie mix is ready to be blended before we shuttle him out the door.

I am a crazy mix of excitement, anticipation, and sheer terror.

What if he doesn't like it?  What if the day is too long?  What if I'm forgetting something?  What if what if what if what if whatifwhatifwhatifwhatifwhatif....?!

Ack.  Going to bed now.

1 comment:

Angelle said...

Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly. Love you Chasey!