Monday, May 24, 2010

In, Out, & Under

My little trooper of a son went through another scope procedure last week.  His digestive track still isn't what it should be...Dr. Sandberg tested for more allergies and other possible things (syndromes?  diseases? ) that could be making his system work in fast forward.

I hated to do this to him because 1) I had to pull him out of school for 2 days just when he is really kind of in the swing of things, 2) i hate having to put him under for a bunch of things (there was a study somewhere linking attention/learning problems with anesthesia somewhere, PLUS it is unnerving to put your kid under and always wonder if there will be some weird complication that happens and he will never wake up), and 3) the prep for it is seriously gross and not fun for anyone involved.  BUT, if we can figure this out, then I feel like Chase will be happier and healthier on the whole, because how many nutrients can he absorb when everything is being pushed out so fast?

Anyway, on Thursday, prep started at 9am.  Miralax every hour and only clear liquids until Friday morning.  I thought it was going to be horrible, remembering that last time we did this Chase was NOT a fan of drinking that much juice and was generally a cranky, grouchy, mess.  This, however, was not the case this go around.  He happily drank his spiked apple juice every hour, scarfed some lemon jello, and never even noticed that every time he wanted food, I gave him a banana posicle.  In fact, I think he rather enjoyed this new diet and was a little upset when it ended, asking me for "Juice...?" all the following day.

Bryan took him in for the procedure at 5am Friday morning, and Chase (not so much Bryan) was all smiles at that wee hour of the morning.  The whole thing was uneventful, except he said that the whole staff thought Chase was just the cutest thing ever.  The doctor found swelling in his esophagus, but everything else looked normal.  We are awaiting the test results to figure out just why there is swelling, but he seems to think that if we can correct the top of the system, then the bottom will follow.  Acid?  Allergies?  Some other weird random thing?  Who knows...?

I'm really hoping we get some kind of a solid, correctable answer this time.  I am just happy that the Miralax cocktails are over for the time being.  A mom can only handle so many diaper blow outs before she gets out the duct tape.

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Mandi said...

Looking forward to hearing the results... keep us posted! (i know you will :))