Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guy Guy is 11 Months!

One month left before the big 1!

At 11 months, Gavin:
*can stand unassisted for maybe 5 seconds.
*barely has 3 teeth- the 2 lower middle ones and the upper left canine.  It is so funny- his teeth are coming in SLOW, but in the same order as Ian's did (although, by this time Ian had all his teeth already!).  Funky tooth babies.
*cruises the furniture, but prefers to crawl everywhere.
*hates the grass (he throws this little foot stomping tantrum when you put him down on the lawn).
*loves sand.  Not only playing in it, but eating it as well.
*eats only table food, and will go in baby defensive arm waving mode if you try to feed him something he doesn't want.
*can crawl up the entire staircase unassisted, and gets mad when you won't let him.
*is the first person Chase wants to see in the morning when he wakes up and when he gets off the bus.
*can climb up the baby slide and slide down by himself.
*signs 'milk' very enthusiastically.
*signs 'more' intermittently and possibly on accident.
*still has not had a haircut.
*quit the boob.  Yay for normal bras!!!
*wears 12 month clothes.
*loves to babble "dadadadada" when I say "mamamama?"
*blows raspberries when he doesn't get his way.
*is learning the art of throwing tantrums (but he is still mostly a content, happy, amazing kid).  Awesome.

Love you so much, little Guy Guy!!  We are so lucky to have you in our family!!

PS- I really really really appreciate you deciding to sleep more.  Kisses!!

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