Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovin the Water

Since we put in the giant frame pool in the backyard, we've used it every day, I think.  It is so awesome.  It is just big enough to have a bunch of kids over and still have room to float on a raft.  Why didn't we do this 3 years ago??

Seriously, I can put the babies down for nap, then go float with Ian for an hour.  Then when Chase is awake, he swims with us (well, hangs onto me with the death grip, but laughs a lot).  It is perfect for these miserably hot summer days where your only choices are to be cooped up in the house or sizzling in the backyard.

Bonus:  I don't have to pack everyone up, load the car, strap kids into a stroller, find a parking space, haul everyone into the water park, find a free chair, get in the water, realize someone needs a diaper change or a potty stop, drag the entire party out of the water into the locker room, procede with business, get back out to the pool just in time for "adult swim" for 15 minutes, entertain children next to a pool they are not allowed in, wait it out, get back in the water, enjoy ourselves for 20 minutes, then begin the cleaning up/drying off process in order to get home by dinner time because everyone is cold, hungry, grumpy, and completely exhausted.

I am so happy to skip that this summer.

Chase's favorite thing to do in the pool:  ride in the boat (my raft) and make driving noises as I push him around in circles.

Ian's favorite thing to do in the pool:  learn how to swim with Daddy.

My favorite thing to do in the pool:  float, whale-like, belly submerged, enjoying the weightless feeling for a few precious moments.

**Speaking of whale-like; the OB appt today was less than exciting.   No real change, Gavin's head is a little sideways still.  He suggested I walk for 15 minutes a day, which I am going to take as a directive to visit Target every afternoon.

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