Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

I feel like every Sunday evening I look back over the weekend and wonder if we could pack very much more in.  I mean, I enjoy the things that we do.  But it would be nice to laze around the house one day, especially with this awesome weather.

Saturday:  Bryan put together this ginormous event through the bank for the town of Ayrsley, with a balloon guy and a bouncehouse.  Many of the businesses from town participated-- and there were restaurants giving away free food, which is always a bonus in my book.

We went back home from there to gather ourselves for an hour before going to a picnic for his leads group, which was held at this guy's house.  He has an outdoor creations business, so his entire yard was landscaped beautifully, with a waterfall and a giant playground, and room for a game of bocce to boot.  We had the picnic on his patio with the outdoor kitchen and enormous fireplace-- so jealous.  Especially because he had really cool swiveling Adiorondak chairs in front of it.  The boys had fun, and Ian knocked several whiffle balls out of the yard with his iron man swing on the t-ball set.

Sunday: Coupons and church, plus making a yummy yummy cake for another picnic in the afternoon.  We went to the Gaston County DSAC picnic, even though we are an hour away from Gastonia, because Bryan is a board member on the DSAC and we were representing :)  Which is fine, I really like the people there, and the park that it was held in has a cool castle playgound...but still.  We are a little picnicked out.  Again, the boys did have fun.  Chase ate some dirt, climbed lots of stairs, and pretty much amused the crowd.  Ian learned how to climb into a tire swing without biffing.

Bonus:  There is still half a cake left, which I will be eating against my doctor's advice this week.  ("If you find yourself a little less active than normal, you MAY want to cut the calories a little."  That sounds optional, right?)

Anyhoo.  To bed with me.  Hope you all had a restful weekend!

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Mandi said...

That's alot of potato salad. :)
It sounds like a fun weekend though!

PS You are tagged! Check out my blog for "Eight Things". :)