Monday, April 6, 2009


I watched The Bucket List tonight-- loved it :)  But at the end, they had this song with the credits.  I know I had just recently heard it, and then I realized it was from church this week.

The sermon was about 'taming the tongue'...which kind of piggybacks on the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, but goes even farther than that.  I don't think anyone could have escaped that sermon without feeling a pull to tame their tongue.  How many times have I gossiped, jabbed, or cut someone with my words?  How many times have I not said something that needed to be said?  How many times has my silence hurt someone else?  How many times have I NOT said what I need to say?

It was kind of sobering.  I mean, I don't think that I go through day to day life with the intent to speak death instead of life to anyone...but it happens.  I'm careless.  So is everyone else.  

I have a feeling it is going to take a long time, but I mean to work on truly speaking my family, to my kids, to my friends...heck, to strangers.  Maybe we all need to say what we need to say more often.

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Michelle said...

I love this song. I went to a camp this summer that kinda preached the same message, and have had some experiences where its totally shined true.