Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chase!!

Oh, my sweet boy.  You are TWO today!!

You are a happy, funny, silly little dude.  You tip the scales at 23 pounds, and look like such a peanut when you toddle around the house.  Yes, you toddle.  You started walking last month, just when I was about to give in and let you crawl for the rest of your life.  Stubborn.  That's what you also are.  You will try long as it is your idea.

You are a climber.  If there is a chair, or a table, or a ladder, or stairs, or a slide...or anything else that has any kind of surface within your will monkey your way up.  

You are also a giggler.  And when Daddy or I tickle your belly, you wrap your legs around our arms and laugh and laugh and laugh.  You think your big brother is hilarious.  Actually, if anyone is laughing around you, you will join in.  And when you laugh hard, your eyes close :)

You have your own agenda.  You have favorites.  You love books.  You will pick them out and bring them to me one at a time, then scoot over to sit in my lap and listen.  You love Goodnight Moon, Baby Faces, Farm Friends, Kitties, and 5 Green and Speckled Frogs.

You love music.  You do a funny dance while you are sitting, where you kind of scoot and sway to the beat.  You will continually push the radio buttons on your door toy to make it sing.  You know the hand movements to Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the Bus, Happy and You Know It, Row Row Your Boat, and Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Your favorite is Happy and You Know It- you make me sing it over and over again.

You can't go to sleep in your crib unless we give you Green Frog, your bunny, and your paci (don't tell your speech therapist!).  You will sign for any of these things if we forget!

You are curious.  You point at everything and ask, "Dis?"  Like you want to know what this is, and what this is, and what this over here is!  Daddy is very good about answering all your questions.  

You give raspberries and kisses, and hugs with pats on the back.  You wrestle with your dad and your brother.  You slide and swing outside, you sign up a storm, and you are just beginning to say the beginnings of some words.  Speaking of words, your favorite ones to say are "Hi" and "Dada".  Even if I ask you to say Mama (which you can), you smile at me and immediately say, "Dada."  (twerp)

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet Chase.  You are loved so much, and you bring us such joy.  You are a blessing to our family, and fill a space that no one else could.  



Angelle said...

I learned some new things about Chase today. I loved reading this. It always seems amazing when we list their accomplishments that they are little people now. Love you Chase!

Jen said...

Ack! Two! Where has the time gone? I hope Chase has a spectacular birthday. Love this post!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to Chase!! TWO!

Kacey Bode said...

Happy Birthday big guy!! He looks so grown up in that pic! I am seeing a common theme, when asked to say Mama, Ella says dada as does my friend's little guy Riley. All with a giant smirk on their faces, twirps indeed : ) Wouldn't want them any other way!

carydip said...

Laurie-your letter to Chase brought tears to my eyes-it's absolutely beautiful. I hope you write it out and put it in his book for him later. I can't wait to see both of them. Can't wait to see some pictures of his B-Day or video ;) Love you all~Mom

Chris said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chase! What a wonderful two years it has been. You are doing so many fun and exciting things, and you get cuter every day!