Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing Pretend

Leah is over here playing with Ian for the morning.  I'm just eavesdropping on their pretend play.

They are playing Mommy and Daddy.  Both of them have babies in their bellies.  They will go to the hospital to get them out.  Ian just gave birth to a boy baby elephant.  (He knew it was a boy because the baby was playing with his 'worm'.)  Leah has not yet had hers, but Ian keeps checking his watch for her.

Leah had her babies.  Yup- twins!  A boy (Chase) and a girl (Erin).  They just left the hospital and went home to their cardboard house.  Leah asked Ian to open the door for her since she had two babies in her arms.

And now they are off to something else.  Apparently actually raising the babies is no fun to pretend about!


Angelle said...

I love it! Adorable!

Mandi said...

that's great! I hope Ian is feeling ok after giving birth to an elephant.