Monday, April 13, 2009

The Eastermath.

Someone (I can't remember who, so sorry for stealing it to any0ne who recognizes it!) talked about the Eastermath...the aftermath 0f Easter weekend.  We definitely have that here.

I feel like I ran a marathon this weekend.  

Saturday we went to a birthday party, messed up Chase's nap schedule to no end, and ran errands  Bryan is on a kick to make homemade soap, so we went all over creation trying to find ingredients and utensils and such.  I thought (foolishly)  that Chase would sleep in the car, but he adamently refused.  Taco Bell for dinner.  Early to bed with the boys.  Oh, no, nevermind.  We WANTED to send them to bed early, but forgot that we still had to dye Easter eggs!  Ack!  So Chase went to bed, and Ian stayed up for egg dying.

After the boys went to bed, the Easter bunny got the bag with the baskets and plastic eggs from the attic...and found MOUSE POO all over everything!  Gross!  Gross gross grossgrossgross!!!  So the freaking Easter bunny had to go to Harris Teeter to buy new freaking baskets, grass, and eggs at a late hour of the night.  Not to mention that the Easter bunny is also concerned about what else up there has mice pellets in it, and how does one get mice out of the attic without poisoning them and then having to smell out decomposing mice bodies later on.

Sunday morning, the boys had an awesome time hunting for eggs.  Chase got the concept of searching for eggs and putting them in his little basket.  Ian, for the first time, realized that he could hunt the eggs first, and eat them later (instead of eating everything inside each egg as he discovered them one by one).  We volunteered at church at the 8:30am and 10am services, so we had to hustle out of the house with hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. 

Papa and Gaga went to the 10 o'clock service with us, and I think it weirded them out a little.

Easter dinner (brunch?) was Bojangles (insert redneck joke here) and we came home to crash.  Well, Chase crashed.  Bryan shot off a rocket with Ian, I cleaned a little, and then played outside with the boys while Bryan took the motorcycle to pick up my friend Becky from the airport (who had a layover here).  

Becky and I have been friends since the 3rd grade-- we catch each other in person every once in a while, so it was super fun to spend some time with her.  We ate take-out Chinese and Bryan and I let her kick our tush in Space Munchkin before shipping her back to the airport.

Today (Monday) the kids have sugar highs, both haven't had enough sleep in the last 2 days, and it's rainy here.  I feared that we would all kill each other if we stayed in the house all day, so I took them out to the mall today.  We did at least 2 1/2 laps around Concord Mills (I really wish I knew how long that actually was, because I would like to count that as serious exercise), and both boys, again, are exhausted and overtired.  Chase went to bed without dinner, and Ian pestered us until we sent him upstairs to his room because we couldn't take it anymore.

******Best parenting moment of the day:*******  
Ian was tired of shopping, I was trying to get him to leave a store without throwing the damn bouncy ball he got from Old Navy across the aisle for the hundredth time.  I said something like, "We won't have time to play on the playplace if you can't listen to me right now and stop what you are doing,"  and he replied with a loud, "You're an idiot, Mom!" that echoed across the shoe store.  Ohmygosh.  He has NEVER EVER said anything like that to me or Bryan or anyone else as far as I know EVER.  I was SO PISSED.  And embarrassed.  And shocked.  Mortified.  At that point, what would you do??  I was very very close to giving him a whack on the butt right there in the store, but couldn't quite bring myself to do that in front of a store full of people.  I did, however, reduce him to tears with a stern talking to, removal of said bouncy ball, and the punishment of no time on the playplace.  We had several more conversations about how to talk to Mommy on the way home, and I instated the eminent threat of if-you-EVER-talk-to-me-or-anyone-else-like-that-again-there-WILL-be-a-spanking-afterwards.

Is this karma for when I yelled, "GET ME A BOOK DAMNIT!!!" to my mom in a quiet library when I was little??


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. LOL at the Mom moment. I say definately Karma. Don't we all have a story or two just like that.

Cate said...

I'm tired just reading it!

Ian's antics sound familiar. It's hard being the mom, isn't it? You did good.

Cate said...

p.s. What is Bojangles? Never heard of it. Also, we've used the classic spring-type traps to catch mice. Gross but effective. Even more effective is a cat, if you're up for that.

Laurie said...

Bojangles is a fried chicken and biscuits fast food place-- the ideal Easter dinner locale :) It happens to be very close to our church and we can get in and out before Chase really really needs a nap after service!

And the mouse thing? Maybe I will have to consider the spring traps. We have a cat. I think he is too stupid and/or scared to catch mice...

Mandi said...

Maybe you could use a mouse trap and then have a pet mouse! I bet Ian would love it. :)

Sorry about the parenting moment, i think i turned red just reading it.

PS Happy Easter!

carydip said...

EEEWWWW on the mice-mice traps or an exterminator sound good. It's just the beginning with Ian. You did good but do you ever watch Super Nanny?? She's got incredible and valuable lessons on how to get unruly kids, mouthy kids, kids that throw tantrums etc under control. Sounds like it's time to start with the 'naughty chair' one. But like I said-it's only the beginning. They learn awful things from TV-no matter how much you monitor and mostly from kids at school as they get older. sigh-if they could only stay cute and little ;) Love~Mom