Friday, June 3, 2011

Uncle Scott and Aunt Rachel's Beach Wedding

 Beach boys.
 Shell collecting.  I love this photo of Ian and Chase doing something together :)
 Chase had a classic case of "I like the water, I don't like the water."
 I so love that all three are old enough to really enjoy the beach now.  We were never huge beach people, but having a house on the water, and being able to take the kids down whenever we felt like it without having to pack a day's worth of survival gear made it super nice.  Also, not having a child who eats the sand this year is also a blessing.
 Shrimp boat at Appalachiacola.  I always say it in my head like Bubba does.  Then I feel the need to make a list of all the shrimp foods that I know.
 I caved and bought Ian these "How to Train a Dragon" sunglasses.  They are a little creepy.

 Sometimes they are so freaking cute I can hardly stand it.

 Well, hello little shop with the gelato!!!  

 In or out of the water, the kayak was a huge draw.
 Chase and Guy- partners in crime.  We frequently hear, "ahm-ON Chee-sey!"  or "Come on, Guy Guy!" 

 Uncle Scott, moments before the big I DO...perhaps trying to convince Chase to kindly NOT dig in the sand right now.  Chase looks like he is giving him the emphatic NO!
 If you look really hard, you can see the dolphins swimming in the background as we were gathering for the ceremony...
 Prepping the 'flower boys'...
How frickin' cute is Guy in that hat?!?
 I had to bribe them with crackers.
 Gaga and Papa- aw :)  Forget Guy's cute are THEY?!?
 Beautiful bride, Rachel, and her dad, Bill getting ready to walk down the aisle.

 Gitcher flower petals, right here, folks!
 I love how they processed down the boardwalk- so pretty!
 This was right about the moment that Guy and Chase decided that the boardwalk was too hot to walk on...

And the wedding photos end there because Bryan and I were carrying the littles down the aisle!  We were the  "flower family".  LOL.

The rest of the week, well, we have limited photos (hey!  we had our hands full!).

We went back and forth between sneaking time away on the beach, to orchestrating the entire rehearsal dinner- kabobs!  yay!), and visiting with family (Both Aunt Sues, Dahni, Aunt Sandi and Uncle Craig, Papa and Gaga, cousin Steven, and Scott and Rachel when we could find them).

The boys took a special liking to "the girls"- Rachel and her bridesmaids.  Guy, especially, would wander around the house forlornly asking, "Girls?  Girls?" until he found them.  At one point, Bryan played this song on his phone, stuck in in Gavin's pocket, and sent him out on the porch with them.  Gavin will sing along with it now- ending each line with the appropriate "GIRLS!"
 Interestingly enough, this was the tame party.
 But still a respectable ruckus.
Those boys don't know how good they have it now ;)

You can't see it, but Rachel's dad is across the table from Chase here- cracking him up.  He was super fun with the boys.  He even took Ian out in the kayak after the wedding.  Too cool.  AND- did I mention that Rachel and her mom (who was also very very wonderful) are SLP's?  BONUS!

Awesome week- congrats to Rachel and Scott :)  


Cate said...

I love every single photo in this post! what an amazing time.

your dress is also gorgeous, BTW.

Laurie said...

Aw, thanks, Cate! $20 at Ross!!

LeShayne said...

Looks like a blast. Never really understood people who are "not beach people" but glad you found some joy and relaxation in it! And I agree - love the dress. And Guy's hat!

Laurie said...

A little beach here and there is fun...I think it's the sunburns and the heat that I hate most of all. Overall, the beach is beautiful and relaxing, if it isn't a thousand degrees out and I can stay in the shade :)

LeShayne said...

LOL! Todd feels the same way!