Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glamorous Life

Stop reading if you are squeamish.

This morning, I cleaned out a nest (?) of maggots surrounding the trash can in the garage.  I swept them outside, sprayed all kinds of insecticides on them, and then thought I had taken care of the problem.  Until I lifted up a pile of old t-shirts that Bryan had been using to clean his motorcycle and found them teeming with those nasty, grubby little things.


So I held onto the shirts by touching as little surface area as I could while I ran to the end of the driveway to stuff them into the trash can (thank goodness it is trash day today!!), and then I had to go back and sweep up all the guys that fell off on my way out there and poison them, too.

And if that wasn't disgusting enough...

When I came back inside, I found Gavin on the porch, sans diaper, in the midst of "unloading" onto the astroturf (hence, the Redneck Patio).  I immediately holler, "Ack!  Gavin!  Poopy in the potty!!!" and he looks up at me with that (literally) "Oh, crap!" face, and takes a step backwards...yup.  Into the poop.  Then he runs circles around the patio because now my chasing him with the pack of wipes is a game, and in the meantime drops deposits in his wake.

I'm not making this up.

So that is how it came to be 7:45AM and I have already disinfected my garage and my patio.

Oh, and did I mention that Chase started on Augmenten yesterday?  We all know what that means...


Angelle said...

That is one ROUGH morning. Hope Chase's bottom stays relatively healthy this time.

carydip said...

OK Laurie, now you're starting to scare me...LOL! Why does Chase have the patch over his eye? Can't wait to get there! Hugs & Kisses to all! Love, Mom

Laurie said...

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Chase has been wearing a patch over one eye for almost a year now to correct his amblyopia (we patch the good eye 3 hrs a day to help make the bad eye stronger).