Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catch-all Post

Falling behind on my blogging...Here's what you missed:

1- Chase's birthday party in the park.  I know I have pictures of it somewhere...low key celebration with friends...cupcakes, ice cream bars, lots of swinging and sliding, and possibly some throwing of mulch.

2- Road trip to the FL panhandle to see my brother get married in early May.  SUCH a good vacation- house on the beach, bunch-o-family-and-friends, dolphin watching daily, sand everywhere, flower boys, a beautiful ceremony, and only 3 head traumas.  Pics to come.

3- 2 bouts of pink eye.  'Nuff said.

4- Road trip to Pigeon Forge, TN.  We did Gatlinburg, drove past Dollywood (no stopping allowed), ice cream stops, and stayed in an awesome cabin tucked high up in a mountain with the Gray family.  Jackson and Ian are immediate best friends, and did EVERYTHING together.  We ended our Memorial Day weekend with a hike up to Laurel Falls, then took our exhausted crew back home to Charlotte.  (wait for pics...I promise I'll put them up.  Dianne took some really awesome shots with her good camera!)

I'll be better at blogging more often, too.  Pinky swear.

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