Saturday, October 24, 2009

Too Late...

I tried to make this post before Friday ended, but I am sitting here at 12:31am on Saturday morning typing.  Doh!  Another missed day on 31 for 21.  Geesh.

I am up this late because I am in the midst of packing/cleaning like a madwoman getting ready for our trip to upstate NY.  Bryan is staying here (that whole job thing totally cramps our style!) and I am driving with Gaga and the boys tomorrow (well, technically today) after dinner.  I am crossing my fingers that all 3 will sleep peacefully in the van for the 14ish hours that we will be in there.

Ok, so I know that is impossible.  I am really just hoping we make it there without any major catastrophes.  

I will try to get to the computer while we are at my grandparents' house, but I am not guaranteeing anything.  (sidenote: guaranteeing is a really hard word to spell.)  If I can't, I know that I have unanswered questions that I promise I will get to in November (we are there until Halloween)...I will make it up with extra credit.

Off to bed with me.  

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