Friday, October 9, 2009

Ianism- @ the Nature Museum

Bryan had the day off, and his mom is in town, so we took the boys (plus William) to the Charlotte Nature Museum this morning.  It was so much fun.  Chase is really starting to appreciate trips like this- he is so inquisitive and interested in everything now.  He loves to watch and touch and, well, throw things.  But I digress.

The museum had live animals, nature trails, a water table and a worm hole to climb in.  It was just awesome to watch them all enjoy themselves, even without naps.  

Ian wanted to hike the trail a second time without the babies, so I walked with him.  While we were out, I suggested that he pick up some interesting leaves and we could take them home and make rubbings.  He thought about it, then said, "Um, no.  I think I'd rather just step on them now."

Sometimes the day is for collecting and observing, studying and doing.  And other days are for just moving ahead :)

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