Sunday, October 4, 2009

Q and A- Cuteness

I'll answer my reader questions in the order in which they here goes the first one:

Bryan said, "...why is your kid so damn cute?!"

Well, Bryan, I am so glad you asked.  Chase is, as you have noticed, incredibly cute.  Is it his infectious smile?  His slightly wobbly gait?  The way he giggles and sounds like that dog on Looney Tunes?  Perhaps it is the way that his eyes close when he laughs?  Or they way he says, "Mem." at the end of the blessing.  Maybe you can't resist his throwing-mulch-and-giggling game outside.  Or how he puts on his little messenger bag, goes to the door, waves, and decisively says BYE when he wants to leave.  Possibly it is the way he asks to ride in the car by signing 'drive' and making car sounds?  How about when he hugs you and pats your back?  Or when his face lights up and he squeals, "Guy Guy!!" when he sees his little brother?  Maybe it is the way he takes ginormous bites of banana and then asks for more before he can even swallow.  Could it be the wayhe adopts random men while we are out and about?  How 'bout the way he bops his head around in the car to Miley Cyrus songs?  Or how he gets totally excited about bathtime?  Is it the way he waits his turn to wrestle with Ian and Daddy?  

Frankly, the possibilities are endless.  It is impossible to pinpoint exactly what makes him so damn cute.

The bottom line is, Chasey is the result of two very awesome people.  How could he not be?! 

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