Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know, I know.

I'm doing terribly at this year's 31 for 21.  I do have an extra kid this year and all, you know.

Anyhoo.  Bryan is gone this week again, so it is just the kids and I.  His mom flies in tomorrow, so I will have some relief soon.  

It's been a little crazy busy.  We took some time to visit IKEA yesterday (FUN!!), but have been getting the kids to bed late the last few nights, and so I feel like there is not a whole lot of down time.  It doesn't help that Gavin is apparently a night owl, either.  He is wide awake hours and hours after the other two crash.

Today I had to whirlwind clean the house because we had our preliminary school meeting for Chase here.  And of course, they can't see the Cheerios that usually litter the floor, or all day's dishes piled next to the sink.  More on the meeting later.  I just need a little time to digest it, and I have other things to think about right now (Bejeweled Blitz) and a baby next to me that wants my attention (he's cute, so I don't mind).

Sorry for being a slacker.  I promise not to suck so much for the rest of the month.  Maybe.


Chris said...

Beware of Bejeweled Blitz!!!

So addicting

Such a time drain

Strangely fun

LazyCrazyMama said...

Oh yes Bejeweled Blitz. Addictive. Don't even try Farkle! ;)
Funny, my husband is out of town this week... but our children are sooo close in age!! I have a 4yr old a 2 year old and a baby that is 3 1/2 mos!! But I also have an adopted tween ;) Seriously, don't know what I would do without her some days. If I didn't have her around I would have absolutely asked my mom to come and stay this week for some relief!