Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gaga Must Be Bored

Apparently my mom has some free time on her hands and dug into the old photos :)  She scanned a bunch and sent them my way.  

Thought I would share.

This is me, at 6 months or so (I think- is that right, Mom?).  I think I see some Gavin in there.

A sleepover at my neighbor's house.  I think I was around six here (that's me on the right).  Note the Cabbage Patch dolls.  Where was mine?
I think this was my 9th birthday party.  I'm in the giant red sweatshirt with the bad haircut.  Note my brother hamming it up in the back.  Spotlight stealer.
Bryan's senior prom, my junior prom.  I loved this dress because it was blue like The Tick.  You can't really tell, but Bryan's vest has the Tazmanian Devil on it.  I know.  We were all class.  Still are.  We are also thinking about going back to these hair styles.  Retro is in, right?
My job for 3 years was a server at Steak-n-Shake.  Becky spent the summer with me and I made her work there, too.  My favorite part of the uniform was the red bow tie.  You can put a red bow tie on any outfit and make it look good.

Now that I am remembering Steak-n-Shake, it reminds me of once when I was delivering 2 strawberry milkshakes and I slipped and fell on my tush in a crowded dining room.  There was strawberry shake everywhere (mostly on me, though).  Good times.

Thanks for the photos, Mom!


Michelle said...

So cute!!

We went to our very 1st Steak & Shake when we were on vacation last week & it's now my kids favorite place EVER.

Mandi said...

FUN!! I love scanned old pictures! I put a whole bunch on my FB, have you seen them?