Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 Months!!

Perpetual bed-head at 8 weeks.
At 2 months, you...
love to smile, but still stay serious in order to get your point across.
hold your head up high.
love to be on your belly.
nurse like a champ.
sleep 3 hours at a time at night if I am lucky.
are still content and happy as long as you are not hungry (or sitting on a stray cabinet latch that somehow got into your carseat and poked you in the back and made you scream hysterically in the car for 15 minutes before Daddy figured out what was wrong).
have chubby little thighs starting.
enjoy staring contests.
hold your little fists straight out into the air all the time (POWER to the PEOPLE!).
have taken 2 bottles with just a little confusion and a few hard feelings.
could stay in your swing all day long if we let you and didn't feel guilty about it.