Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday again? Random end of the week thoughts...

These weeks are FLYING by.  

Ian and Chase go back to school next week.  We met their teachers yesterday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  They will have a total blast this year.  Ian's class is so very Pre-K, and that is bizarre to me.  He is seriously growing up, and I love that, but at the same time, it makes me cry.  I honestly don't know if it is sad to me that he is not a baby anymore, or if I am so incredibly happy that we made it to 4 1/2 without seriously damaging him.  And Chasey.  He is in the 2 year old class!  They do real stuff in there.  Projects and games and stuff.  No more baby room for him.  I am just incredibly proud of all that he has accomplished, and am waiting expectantly to see what he will do next.

Bryan started his new job this week and now he works 7 minutes from home instead of 57 minutes.  It feels like he is leaving the bank early every day.  He has time to get home, change, sit down to dinner, play outside, and put the kids to bed at a decent hour.  This job change, even though it is a big change for him career-path-wise, is such an incredible blessing.

I am still juggling the 3 boys + 2 daycare kids.  It is rough sometimes...I feel like I just can't get enough time to do everything I want, clean the house, ever.  There is no pattern, everything is catered to when the babies sleep, which is whenever they feel like it.  And Chase, oh Chase, who wants to LOVE on the babies but doesn't quite understand the concept of 'gentle' all the time.  Oy.

And in the midst of that, I am still trying to get my body back (mostly because I have a very limited selection of clothes that fit right now) and attempting to do the P90X with Bryan at night (we are currently on a short hiatus...) and training for a 5K on September 19th (I am down to a 39 minute finish time...don't judge!).  I feel like I am sometimes trying to do too much, but man it feels good when I can finish a workout.

Oh, and I am going strong on the B90X, if you are wondering.  Just started 2 Kings :)  Those Old Testament folks were a bloodthirsty bunch.

Alright, back to real life.  Ian is playing Mario Kart and I over heard him say, "I just made everyone small!  I am such a funny guy!"  Chase is still sleeping off the tail end of roseola, and sweet Gavin is snoozing in his swing.  Must take advantage of this "free time"!

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Scott said...

What is Bryan doing now? I didn't even know. Not like that is a surprise or anything.