Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I've been throwing the idea of going back to teaching around in my head for a little bit. Not this year, but maybe next. Then I talked with Angelle about it, and discovered that although I think I like the idea of the rewards of the classroom, I'm not ready to put up with any of the nonsense yet. I'm definitely romanticizing the idea of teaching, but in reality, it's not good enough to give up my time with the boys yet.

I came across this Calvin and Hobbes strip that made me think about my decision:


Rhiannon said...

It's funny because I was just wishing I could stay home with Ty again. I guess I am enjoying summer vacation and all the time we get to spend together. Just go substitute for a day and you will get over it! lol

Grace said...

Although I am not back in the classroom yet,I am counting down the days! It has been 5 long and wonderful yrs home but it is now my time. You will know when the time is right. I tried to go back to work about 2 yrs ago,it didnt even last a month.All I did was cry cause I missed the boys so much.

Shot Gun said...

Don't do it!!!

I'm just sayin... (coming from a teacher to a teacher)