Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Already?

Riiight. Seriously. It's Friday?

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. But I have been more efficient around the house BECAUSE...:

I bought a whiteboard to hang on my fridge and make lists on. And I have EVEN checked things off of said list. Many items. This week I have:

*Added the van to the insurance
*Turned in the old license plate to the DMV (with 3 kids in tow, may I add!)
*Toted the same 3 kids to the aquatic center to sign Ian up for the next swim lessons.
*Loaded the children back into the van to return to the DMV where Ian left his sunglasses on the bench he was playing on.
*Grocery shopped with 3 children.
*Walmart with 3 kids.
*Organized the playroom with little rubbermaid bins.
*All the laundry (and put it away! Hell-o!)
*Target with all 3 monsters.
*Rearranged my bedroom (well, just switched nightstand stuff. Bryan wanted to switch sides of the bed. You know, to spice things up.)
*Scrapped 6 poster frames with Denver Bronco memorabilia for Bryan.
*Organized my desk and paid all the bills.
*Pressure washed the highchair.
*Mopped, vacuumed...etc.
*Answered most of my important emails.
*AND I managed to keep the children fed, clean, and relatively happy most of the time!

I'm feeling better. And I had time to play with my kids. Possibly because I wasn't blogging all day long. Hmm. Must investigate this further.

New things from them:
*Chase signs "sleepy or tired or night-night" (it's all the same). He puts his fat little hand up onto his face when we ask him if he wants to go night-night. Sometimes he does it with both hands. I guess that means he's really tired.
*I found an art project that Ian likes- watercolors. Awesome. Cheap, easy, colorful. He's just not one for sitting down to do crafty things, so this is exciting. I'm thinking about framing them and hanging them on the empty wall behind my couch. Is that weird? Will that give him too much self esteem?
*Chase has 4- yes, count them- FOUR teeth cutting right now. The two middle bottom ones, and his upper fangs. Poor guy. He's miserable, and still won't be able to really chew anything when they are in.
*Ian is filling a "rice bowl" for a feeding the hungry campaign at church. So every chance he gets, he's putting change in it. I heard him counting coins with Leah the other day:
Ian, " a LOT!"
Leah, "Wow, Ian! You have a THOUSAND!"
LOL. They make me laugh.

Next week: bathrooms! Woot.


Cate said...

WOW. You rock.

I am in awe.

Can I have some of whatever it is you're taking? :)

Laurie said...

Just a healthy dose of "kick-myself-in-the-ass". I'm sure it will wear off soon :)

LeShayne said...

Congrats to you on a productive week! And Ian feeding the poor is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

Angelle said...

I am SUPER impressed that you haul the three kids around as much as you do. Right on!