Tuesday, June 17, 2008


*This morning, Ian was laying on the floor, swishing his arms and legs snow-angel style. He said, "Look! I'm making a snowflake!"

*Ian came down for breakfast yesterday and saw me making coffee. I put the first scoop in the filter and he yelled-whined-cried, "Why did you DO that?!? I want to help you make it!" Way too much drama at 7am.

*He's had a scrape on his knee and it's started to heal, but while he and Chase were playing on the floor a teeny pinprick of blood showed up. Ian: "Oh, nooooo! Chasey made a hole in me! All my blood is going to come ouuuuuut! I need a band-aiiiiid!"

*Immediately after I swept and mopped the kitchen, he spilled a full cup of milk on the floor. He broke down, pointing to various places and saying, "Look. I spilled it on the stove. I spilled it on the cabinet. I spilled it on the chair...." We cleaned it up after I reassured him that 'sometimes milk spills, but we can always clean it up.' Afterwards, he unloaded a gift bag full of red shredded paper all over the floor and I had to threaten him with time-out if he didn't clean it up. Grr.


Mom said...

Now where did he get a hold of a gift bag full of red shredded paper??!!

(sorry about that....)

Cate said...

HA! So familiar. I find myself sneaking around so I can make the coffee all by myself. Pathetic.