Friday, June 13, 2008


Due to some odd stares and one incredibly rude comment, I feel inclined to clarify my thoughts about this post.

I am not maliciously wishing health problems on anyone. I do not wish harm on Brangelina, nor their twins.

My thoughts are, that if Down syndrome is so prevelent, and because of the glaringly ridiculous deficits in funding for research to improve the quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome, that if anyone were to have a child with Down syndrome, the Brangelina household would be one that would welcome and embrace such diversity, as well as become spokespeople for families and friends affected by it.

And there are several people who read my blog that aren't as deeply in love with my child as I am. Mostly because you haven't had the opportunity. Some of you have not realized that the stereotype for a person with Down syndrome is old, outdated, and doesn't reflect the true abilities of those who are genetically enhanced.

Some people have a hard time dealing with the fact that diversity is what creates the richness of life, that perhaps, in fact, we need individuals with differences to make us realize hope, determination, acceptance, compassion, and joy in the little things in life.

Comments like the one I recieved today just illustrate the need for a family who has a world audience that would help spread that message of understanding.


Chris said...

Laurie, as a mother who has a child with Down syndrome, I want you to know that I understand your post completely!

No one knows what it is like to love a child with Ds until they have had one of their own.

These kids are AWESOME!

I still have a problem with my son's diagnosis. Not because of who he is or what effect he has had on my other children because he has had an incredibly beautiful and positive influence on my daughters.

My problem stems from the way the rest of the world treats/views with Ds. I see my beautiful, innocent child who smiles easily and laughs often and I see the rest of the world, mean, arrogant, self absorbed and I get so afraid to send my child out into this world.

I believe if Brangelina had a child with Ds. They would see what we know to be true and given their influence and celebrity, they would help the rest of the world see it too.

Kacey Bode said...

Oh h*ll no!! What did they say?? I must know! People are SO ignorant.

Preppy Pugs said...

Rude comments come from people who see their glass half empty and not half full. Our world is what we make of it. We can sit in the corner and cry about what we don't have or we can celebrate each day because of what we DO HAVE.

Anonymous said...

Your original post was fine so don't sweat it. I happen to know that Brad Pitt was just photographed with a lovely little girl with Down syndrome for a Down Syndrome group's annual calendar. So, that would make him super prepared to welcome a genetically enhanced baby should one or both of the twins have Down syndrome!

Anonymous said...

Keep your eyes open and watch the web!

There are MANY people in the DS movement who are working hard to raise awareness in big and small ways.

In about 3 months, you will see photos and videos of MANY celebs (of national and local stature)speaking out on behalf of our loved ones with Down syndrome.
Watch for a Texas calendar and Regal cinemas in October. =-)

Get your local DSA to ask Texas about the development of a ready-made campaign and video they can take to their churches (available in '09) to raise local awareness by the thousands!

Talk to Kansas City DSG about campaigns for your school districts to raise the quality of education and improve the relationships between parents and schools.

If we're going to change the way the world views Down syndrome, we have to act concertedly and not give up!