Sunday, December 25, 2011

Surgery Updates

I realized in the pre-Christmas flurry, I forgot to post an update on the boys' surgeries.

They are both doing very very well :)

Zeke is sore, but is healing well.  We're still trying to get him to slow down a little (for example, do NOT climb on to the back of the couch and straddle it like you are riding a horse, and then crash down onto the cushions a bazillion times-- even if your brothers are doing it and it looks like loads of fun).  He hasn't had any pain meds for 2 days now and isn't complaining, so we know he must be feeling better.

Both Zeke and Chase went in for ear tubes on Friday morning.  I took them at 5am for 7:30 and 8am appointments with the ENT.  They were super helpful, and I was able to juggle both of them in and out of surgery.  It was especially helpful to have a friend of mine from the boys' PTA at Waxhaw as our nurse.

Zeke's right ear was especially nasty, the doctor said.  I'm sure that he will feel some relief in the next week with the tubes inserted.  Chase's ears were all gunked up with wax- I still can't figure out a way to clean them in regular life- he has such tiny ear canals, it's hard to get in there.  Even the ear wax kits don't help a lot- anyone have any great suggestions for that?  Gross.

Now all I have to do is remember to put drops in their ears for 3 days...and wrestle Chase while doing so.

With all of that nonsense done, hopefully we can get out and have some fun next week for our last week of vacation.  My Gym is open for free-play days all week, so I'll probably take everyone over there a couple times.  And with this gorgeous weather, maybe we'll hit up the park outside, too.

Thanks for all your thoughts, everyone!  This has been a crazy week.

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