Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Concert and the Great Glasses Caper

Did anyone else notice that it was December already?  Holy hell.

You can tell the holidays are coming by the school performances.  The first grade had their big performance tonight, and Ian was super excited because he "gets to stand on the top risers on the stage."  Also noteworthy: "If you are bad, you will get tapped on the shoulder and you will have to sit behind the curtain for the WHOLE show."

We heard a lovely rendition of Jingle Bells, as well as several fun songs with all sorts of hand gestures that nearly knocked children off of the said risers.  Love it.

Zeke loved it so much that he fell dead asleep on Bryan's lap...BUT whenever he heard clapping, he totally "sleep-clapped" with everyone else.  Hilarious.

Gavin found a little round-faced blonde girlfriend who followed him around in the aisles.

Chase played games on my phone, but stopped to clap with gusto after every song.


Info on the Great Glasses Caper:  Zeke loves his new glasses, and takes really good care of them.  Except that he left them in Mary Poppins' car yesterday.  I thought they were lost at school, but they are actually just misplaced.  No worries.

However, Mr. Chase is another story.  We finally got his glasses back from Walmart after replacing the frames and one of the lenses...and today in his backpack I find a pair of glasses...just frames.  No lenses.  The little stinker figured out how to pop the lenses out of the frames, and DID so at school...and then HID the lenses.  Seriously.  I can't make this stuff up, people.

On the plus side, Chase's OT skills are improving.

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Cate said...

elementary school concerts are the best thing ever. William's isn't until the 21st; they will be doing "Regular Jingle Bells AND Jingle Bell Rock". So excited!