Monday, December 12, 2011

And a post for Gavin

...who had to learn the lesson about pee-peeing before you get in bed tonight.

Every single dang night I take him to the bathroom, he pees, we put him in a diaper for overnight, get him into his jammies, read stories, and then tuck him into bed.

And then 10 seconds after I turn out the lights and shut the door, he starts crying because he "has to go pee-PEEEEEE!"

So then I give in, and get him out of bed, and we take his jammies off, and his diaper, and he gets 6 more minutes of bedtime-free day before he has to go to bed again.

Tonight, though, I made him do one last potty stop after story and before lights out.  I told him lots of times that this was his last potty stop of the day, and that he would not be getting out of bed to go pee-pee.  He agreed.

And then I kissed him goodnight, turned off the light, and closed the door.

Ten seconds later he started yelling that he needed to go pee-PEEEEEEE!!!

Nope.  Sorry dude.

I did the Super Nanny thing, and let him be irate for a few minutes, then went in and firmly told him that he already went pee-pee, and we were done with that for the night.  Then I told him there was no crying at bedtime.

Every time I say that, I think of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own.

Anyway.  He went to sleep.  And that is that.

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