Monday, December 12, 2011

Chasey Chasey Smartie Facey

So, the other day, Ms. Santana sends a note home that says Chase can receptively ID all the letters of the alphabet.  Seriously?

I mean, not that we haven't tried.  He just hates that stuff.  He has zero attention span for any of that "learning nonsense".

But yesterday, he got really into that V-tech bike game, you know, the one that you pedal and you pick up certain letters of the alphabet on a course on the TV?  Yeah, not only did he pedal the bike, but he called out the letters correctly as he rode.

I'm not even joking here, people.

And since then, when we read stories at night, Bryan and I have been asking the kids to point to random letters on the pages.  He gets them right, a LOT.  The best one is when he identifies the letter R, because he sounds like a pirate.  "What's that, Chasey?"  "Arrrrrrrrrr!"

Have I mentioned how much I love his preschool teachers?  Like LOVE them, love them.

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