Friday, November 11, 2011


What we've been up to:

1- Zeke has new glasses!  Well, we have the back-up pair from Zenni Optical (super cheap, quick and easy).  They don't fit great (darn those cute little ears and that flat nose bridge!) but hopefully the good ones (which we still have to pick up from the optometrist) will fit better.  Zeke likes wearing them, and he frequently looks through them, then takes them off and looks again, and then puts them back on again and giggles.  What a difference it must be to actually be able to see things clearly now.

(you're singing this now, too- aren't you??)

2- Also in Zeke news, we had his second hearing screening today.  He is showing some mild hearing loss, but we can't figure out if it is because of some fluid that is in his ears, or he's just not fully cooperating with the screener.  We're going back in a month to see if the ENT thinks we should do tube (and with tubes, take out his adenoids, as well.)

3- Chase is also a candidate for tubes and adenoids.  Wonder if we can get a BOGO deal...?

4- Guy is pretty much fully potty trained.  Ask him to see his "unnerwear".  He loves to show it off.

5- Have I mentioned how much I love Ian's 1st grade class/teacher?  He is doing super good, and has a couple friends in his class from last year.  He and Mitch apparently are the scientists of the class, and have been writing up plans to have a science business.  Mitch came over to our house on Thursday evening, and the activities included 1) dissecting our nasty moldy jack-o-lantern and then subsequently throwing the pieces into the creek, 2) making a giant mess with vinegar and baking soda, and raw eggs and saltwater in my kitchen, and 3) several Bey Blade tournaments.

6- Work is good.  I like wearing big girl clothes every day.

7- Guy is kind of amazing.  I asked Ian how school was the other day, and Gavin chimes in, "Ask me about MY school, Mommy!"  And so I asked him how his school was today, and he told me this big long story about how Baby Reese was there today, and he crawled around on the floor, and he also ran around, and he took Guy's shoe and sock and tried to eat them.  A whole story!  From my 2 year old!  I think I forgot about this whole typically developing language explosion around this age.  It's incredible.

That is all.

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