Monday, November 21, 2011

Ian- reading

In the last week, Ian has started to get that reading spark.  He's been able to read for a while, but never really cared all that much about it outside of school.  Reading was just a task to do in the classroom, although he's always loved listening to stories.

But this week something finally clicked.  Maybe he turned the corner in his skills and was able to read books that are more interesting to him...maybe he just had that epiphany that I've been waiting for him to have...

He's finally getting that concept of becoming lost in a book, of looking forward to time when it's quiet and he can sit down and become engrossed in a story.

He's reading some Star Wars book, which, you know, isn't my first choice for reading, but if he loves it and doesn't want to turn out the light at be it.

He's going to kill me for writing this later on...but tonight he was sitting on the toilet for a *long* stop, and I knocked on the door and told him that next time he should bring a book in there to read.  He was completely aghast at the idea, until I told him that he comes from a long line of men who routinely read in the bathroom.  He thought that was both hilarious and intriguing.  I'm betting that tomorrow I will see some Star Wars related reading material next to the potty.


Angelle said...

That Ian story is SO SO adorable.

beth said...

Can I ask which orphanage Zeke was in? We are adopting Nellie and I noticed you posted on someone elses blog that you thought about Kaitlyn because she was close by to Zeke
's orphange. Kaitlyn is close to Nellie also so I wondered if it was the same one.

beth said...

Whick orphanage was Zeke in? I was wondering if it was the same on that Nellie is in. I read aa comment that you wrote on someone elses blog and wondered.