Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When Guy wants to see something he says, "Gimme see!"

"Gimme see that book."

"Gimme see those unnerwares."

"Gimme see that punkin."

On a related note, he is getting very, very demanding.

On another related note, Tiffany's sister Nellie (who is awesome just like Tiff) had a baby today...and she named him Gavin!  Eeeee!  What a compliment :)  Happy baby day, Nellie!


Tiffanyrose said...

EEEEEEE!!!! Us Cheney girls just love the Gavin!! I needed to show my love my birthing a baby on his birthday and Nellers needed to show the love by naming her baby Gavin ;)

Liz said...

I know one other Gavin - my girlfriend's husband - he's a G-Man (F.B.I.) He loves all things adventurous (sky diving, rappelling down mountains, etc.), but is also an awesome husband and dad of 2 girls :)