Monday, November 7, 2011

R-Word PSA Starring Ian and Zeke :)

Our favorite babysitter Kelsey is in grad school now for media-something or another, and came over 2 weeks ago with her group and a Honda CRV full of video equipment to shoot footage for a public service announcement for the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.

Here is the final product (I think it's pretty awesome).

And honestly, people.  Stop dropping the r-word all over the place!  And hello- I know that language is a habit, so maybe you are trying to stop saying it, but it slips every once in a while.  If that happens, back up and apologize.  I've had 2 very close friends do that- it comes out, they realize it, and they feel badly about it.  Let me tell you- those that own up to it and have a conversation about it have my total respect, because I know that they are making an effort.

Anyway.  Thanks, Kelsey...for using your media powers for good :)


Michelle said...

Wow... this is wonderful. What a little gem Ian is.. he's gonna spread that word no matter if he is on video or not. I love it!!!

mom said...

Awesome! Should be on TV, very effective!!

Elizabeth said...

It's even better than awesome!

Molly said...

oh the cuteness. I can't stand it! I LOVE the PSA.