Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Gym

I totally love this place for the kids.  They have a blast.

But, DANG it is hard to get there now!

This is how it generally goes:

1. Convince Ian to do his homework before leaving.  Listen to ten thousand things that he decides he must do before he starts said homework, reiterate ten thousand and one times that he needs to do his homework before leaving.

2.  Buckle Guy and Chase in the car in the car.

3.  Go back inside and remind Ian to finish his homework and put his shoes on.

3.  Put Zeke on the toilet.

4.  Bring Zeke to the car.

5.  Realize that Chase needs to be changed.

6.  Unbuckle Chase and take him inside to be changed.

7.  Remind Ian to put his shoes on.

8.  Buckle Chase in again.

9.  Guy says he needs to poop.

10.  Bring Guy inside to sit on the potty, leave Chase and Zeke buckled in the car with their snacks.

11.  Firmly tell Ian that he needs to get his shoes on and get out to the car.

12.  Get Guy in the bathroom, where he insists on taking everything below the waist completely off in order to sit on the potty.

13. Guy sits down for exactly 3 milliseconds before deciding that he doesn't really need to go anyhow.

14.  Get Guy dressed (again) and bring him out to the car, where...

15.  Chase has wriggled out of his seatbelt and is now sitting in the driver's seat, pushing all the buttons and turning on all the lights and wipers.

16.  Threaten Ian that you are leaving without him if he doesn't get his little blonde heiney out to the car RIGHT NOW, SIR!

17. Buckle Chase in.

18.  ...where are Chase's glasses?!?!?!?

19.  Ian, who has decided to bless us with his presence, redeems himself by finding Chase's glasses.

20.  And we're off.

21.  Except I left all the drinks sitting on the counter, so I pull back into the driveway to run into the house to get them.

22.  Say, "Hands to yourselves" fifty bazillion times over the next 25 minutes.

23.  Make it to My Gym 4 minutes late.

24.  Tag Bryan in (he meets us there after work) and breathe a sigh of relief.

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Becky said...

It sounds like fun though! Love it! :)