Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break: Day 2

Our favorite babysitter Kelsey came to watch the kids this morning while I took Chase to his first gymnastics class.  One of the moms in our DSAC group gives a free class at her gym for kids with disabilities every week.  We're going to try to make it regularly, even pulling Chase from school on Tuesday mornings so that he can go.  At our IEP meeting, the teachers/therapists recommended starting him in a structured class to work on behavior/attention while playing up his strengths (gross motor).  So we'll see.

He was undecided at the class on whether or not he liked it.  Things he enjoyed:
*Swinging from the rings
*Jumping on the trampoline
*Walking the beam
*Jumping into the foam pit

Things he hated:
*Um, following directions of any kind

Yeah.  This is gonna be a lot of work on my part, I can tell now.

Later, we packed our lunches and headed to the playground at the kids' school with the Larsens.  They monkeyed around, made each other sick on the tire swings, and perhaps got a little sunburned.  Chase and Gavin spread popcorn and grapes all over the ground.  Thanks, guys.

We went from there to Target (with 4 boys who have not had naps- livin' on the WILD SIDE, baby!!) and then straight to the pediatrician's for Ian's 6 year well check.

Ht: 45 1/4 (50%)
Wt: 45.6 (25-50%)
BP: 98/70
BMI: 16

Didn't know that they did BMI stats regularly for kids.  Interesting.

We met Bryan at home, who took over dinner while I got ready for Corey's baby shower.  A perfect end to the day- sitting outside on the patio with a Yueng-ling in a sundress with my friends- sooo relaxing.

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