Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break: Day 1

Day one started with a bike/walk to the playground up the street, where Weston, Guy, Chase, and Landon dug a hole to China (no pics, sorry!).  That led into bike races home between Ian and Andey...Andey won, I think mostly because her bike is twice the size of Ian's.  

Next was a picnic in the shade for the two besties, with Porter dropping in and out occasionally.

...and Guy passing out in the chair:
Finished out the day with soccer practice and playground time...and also cow-watching (not tipping!).  There is a giant cow pasture bordering the soccer fields, and Gavin and Chase love moo-ing at them.  Well, Chase moos.  Gavin barks and sometimes moos.  It could even be considered a growl.  

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