Friday, April 15, 2011

More Guy

Gavin seems to be stealing the spotlight lately- I don't know if it is because I am home with him all the time, if he is at one of those "explosion" stages where he is learning new things at the speed of light, or if it is because he is the craftiest of the crafties here.

Today he taught Chase how to climb over the redneck fence around the patio.  Thanks, man.  I am all for Chase learning new skills, but that is one that I could have done without.

Huh.  I guess it is a good thing the new fence will be installed next week, eh?

Side note:  I enrolled Guy in a 2 morning/wk preschool program today.  He will start in the fall.  It's at the same preschool that Ian and Chase both went to.  I love them there so much.  We walked in there today, and were greeted so warmly, with the director (Miss Randi) and his teacher (Miss Angie) both excited to see us and looking forward to our return to the school.  It will be nice to have a tie back there again-- love the teachers there, love the parents and the other kids.  Gavin is going to have a blast, even though he was a little freaked out that Miss Angie was shooting Silly String at her 2 year olds when we walked in.

While I was talking to Miss Randi about him- telling her that he was Mr. Independent-Don't-Worry-I'll-Do-It-Myself...I noticed that he was actually climbing on top of a workbench set to try and get a giant Pooh-Bear off the top of a cupboard.  Way to illustrate my point, little man!

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