Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Funnies From All Three

Ian (complaining about Chase sitting in the back seat with him): Mom, Chase really isn't understandable enough to sit in the back with me.

Ian (whining about a chore or something else equally devestating):  This is the worst thing EVER in the WHOLE universe!!

Chase: I'm making grilled cheese for dinner, and before I can put the sandwich on the grill pan, he runs up and snatches it off the counter, and runs away before I can catch him- like he lives in a house where he has to steal food to survive.

Chase (at gymnastics today): About 1/2 way through the class, he started repeating the word home over and over.  He was tired and generally upset that he couldn't do whatever he pleased at the gym.  BUT when it was time to play in the foam pit, I couldn't get him out!  I told him it was time to go home (yay!  yippee!  It's what you've been asking for for the last 1/2 hour!!) and he looks straight at me and says- loud and clear- NO HOME!

Gavin: I told him that we were going to take a bath when we got home...and while I was unpacking the van (diaper bag, other kids, etc) he took himself upstairs, put himself in the tub (clothes and shoes and all) and started the water.

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