Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I don't know if he has a natural ability or if he just learned from the best, but I am fairly confidant that Gavin will get into the most trouble throughout his life out of all the boys.

I was warming Addie's bottle up in the kitchen and I thought he was drawing on the chalk board by the stairs just now.  But, no.  He was into a much bigger art project, using baby powder as his medium:

Caught in the act!
 Denial- What mess?
 Oh!  This mess here! I have NO idea how this happened.
 But I'll help you clean it up, Mom.

Notice that he had already tried to clean it up with the wipes before I discovered him.  So, obviously he knew this was not a good idea.  Stinker!


The Holt's said...

Wow!! What a mess but you gotta love them. He does look cute trying to clean it up real quick!

Kelly said...

Hahaha! Very Cute:)

LeShayne said...

It's gotta be hard to be mad with that sweet little face staring back at you though! Thank the lord for laminates!

Coopie Inc. said...

So funny...maybe more so b/c I didn't have to clean it up.