Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday Morning Park Shenanigans

Brandon and Bryan planned a park outing for our families this morning.  The weather is totally gorgeous here, and we've all been spending as much time outside as humanly possible, for fear that winter is not completely gone yet and this reprieve will be over soon.  Not that I don't enjoy the winter weather- I do like the snow and the jacket-temperatures, but this little glimpse of spring came at just the right time when we all needed a touch of sun and fresh air.

We took the families to the playground at the kids' school- and oh, what a playground it is!!  All kids had a blast (and all parents did, too).  I love that Ian and Chase go here- not only because they can be in the same school (and can hug each other in the hallways) but because they can play on this awesome playground every day!!  Woot!

Weston and Guy- the dynamic duo.

 Guy and Chase aren't gathered around me because they love's because I am in charge of the bag of BBQ chips.
 Mmmm.  Just what I wanted.  A booger and dirt covered chip.  Thanks, Chase!

 Again- they are only there because now I am in charge of the Skittles.

 Love me some Ian.

 Funny story...Guy fell off the swing 2 seconds later because he let go so he could brush the hair out of his eyes.
 Guy is signing 'more' for more Skittles.  He says, "nee-nee?" (candy?) when he wants some, which is whenever he sees candy.

Ian wanted me to take a picture of him with his soccer ball.  Can you tell he is ready for the soccer season to begin??

Totally perfect morning out :)

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Cate said...

that looks awesome. especially from here, where everything is frozen and snowy and windy. jealous.