Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ian's 3rd marking period conference

Our 2nd official conference with Ian's teacher was this afternoon.  I went in with a little apprehension, due to those two reminders that he needed to stop his mouth and get his work on that came home last month.  I was wondering if the Kindergarten honeymoon had completely worn off. 

Good thing he nailed down that Terrific Kid award in November, right?

Teacher conferences are strange because they will tell you the truth.  It may be sugar coated a little, but they are not like your friends, who have to tell you that your kid is as awesome and amazing as you think he is, because, well, then they wouldn't be your friends, right?

So, I meet with his teacher (who I LOVE, btw) and she told me about his academics, which are really good.  He is a good reader and writer, and very good at math.  He works well (when he is not talking) and she'd just like to see him produce more (which he CAN do...when he is not talking!!!!).  I love that he is doing so well, but then, I knew he would.

The best part came next, when she talked about his kind heart.  She said (and I am paraphrasing here- where is my teeny tiny tape recorder from college when I need it??!?) that she doesn't know if it is because of him being Chase's big brother, or from good parenting, or from church, or if it is just his nature, but he just has the kind of compassion, understanding, and patience that it takes other kids (and adults) years and years to learn.  She said more, and I agreed with it all (of course), but mostly I was thinking about how I had said almost those exact words to Ian one day in the car.  

I can't even remember what we were talking about that day, but he asked something about why our family was so lucky to have Chase.  I don't know if he was referring to something that someone said, or if he felt unlucky, or if he had just made his own observation about how incredibly awesome we all are...but somehow I started talking about all the things that Chase teaches us, even though we spend lots of time teaching Chase things.

Anyway.  I just love him.  So much.  I know I have said it before, but I know he is the best big brother Chase could ever hope for.  God clearly lines our lives up to follow a certain path.

But, for the record, Ian is also awesome for treating Chase like the annoying little brother that he is sometimes.


ShannonH said...

I LOVE this! For such a young little dude, he has an old soul. I can only hope that Jonah is as compassionate as Ian.

Angelle said...

I loved hearing that about Ian. I am sure Leah would agree. :)