Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unintentional Neglect

My sweet little laptop is in the shop. Again. Hence the sparse posts this month. We have been doing so many things, and I have so little documentation of it all because of that *%#** hard drive issue. It kills me.

I am on borrowed time on Bryan's computer, so just a few random thoughts:

*Gavin crawls. Full on, all fours, gets-where-he-wants-to-go crawling. It is pretty adorable. He is by far the earliest crawler that I have had (Ian was too fat to go anywhere and Chase was, well, Chase :) so that makes it doubly exciting. It is awesome to see him begin to get into his brothers' stuff.

*Chase says all sorts of words. My favorite so far is "Peep-eesh" which is, of course, "Sheepie", this big round stuffed animal that my mom gave him last Christmas. He has really grasped the concept of a verbal language, finally understanding that he can get things- anything!- just by saying the word. His favorite word: "bye." He uses it traditionally (saying goodbye as someone leaves or as he does) or to tell you to go away. When he wants to be by himself, he will look up at me, wave, and tell me "Bye"...then wait for me to leave. Sometimes he repeats himself if I stay longer. The best part is that he says it with a southern accent, so he kind of sounds like Paula Dean.

*Ian turns 5 in like 2 weeks. 5. FIVE! Holy schniekies I have a five-year-old! It is unreal. And he is so cool. He is so independent but loving at the same time. Sometimes I feel like he is transitioning from a little boy who needs hugs and kisses from me, into one who gives me hugs and kisses because he knows I need them. Oy. I love it, though. I love watching him grow up.

Side note about Ian...Leah hurt his feelings today by running ahead of him or doing some other such dastardly deed. He walked for a moment with his head hanging down, then yelled after her, "Leah! If you don't start being nicer to me, then I might have to go out and find someone else to marry!"

*Bryan is almost done laying our new floors. They are beautiful and don't have a thin film of dirt and/or vomit on them. Love them!

*I am down to the last week or so of procrastinating on rewriting my resume. I want to have it done by January so that I can get out there before the job fair in the spring. I am super excited about returning to the school system and being at school with Ian and Chase, but at the same time completely guilt ridden about leaving Gavin. Ah, well. It is all about balance, right? Plus, I get a new wardrobe if I go back. And as much as I love hoodies and jeans, it is time for a change.

Off to bed with me. Midnight, 4am, and 6am come early.

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Chris said...

Glad to here life is good.

A crawler, an emerging talker, and an almost 5 year old--fun stuff!

John has mastered the power of "bye" too. Hard not to laugh when he would tell his speech therapist "bye" 10 minutes after she arrived. It was his very clear way of saying, "I'm done with you and all of your therapies."

Good luck with the resume!