Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo Dump- I've been collecting...

Look who is into everything...

Gavin makes this face when he pops his lips (a favorite pasttime).
Eyes still blue at 7 mos :)
An awesome buy at the consignment store- this tunnel is a hit with ALL the boys!
Bryan and Ian sling our first honey harvest. We had just about 2 gallons!
The Roots and Shoots group hosted an event at the Little Gym. Chase loved swinging on the rings.
Our group (check out Ryan n the red shirt. He is 6 weeks younger than Chase and looks exactly like him! ...Chase is in the striped turtleneck)
Chase shut himself in our closet and came out wearing about 20 pairs of Bryan's boxers around his neck...
Someone can pull up to his knees now....!
Storytime after a bath. Gavin sure is getting grabby.
I like pizza, Steve. I LIKE it!
We had a 60 degree day! We broke out the bouncehouse and jumped sideways in it.
Gavin crawls! And like all Maddex boys, a piece of electronic equipment was good motivation.

We is so proud of himself when he gets what he wants. Notice he even bypassed the pacifier to get the mouse.

Chase learns how to play Wii like everyone else in this house. Wearing a funny hat with his pants off.
Bubble mania in our backyard. My mom and dad helped turn our patio slab into a kid-friendly play zone. My dad and my brother put up a rabbit fence around it, and my mom got a giant green outdoor carpet. It is so nice to be outside and not have to worry about Chase running away (or disturbing the bees!).
Has anyone used the Gymboree bubbles? They truly rock.
Bubble nose.
Bryan's project for the last 3 months has been replacing our carpet with this awesome laminate. Chase knows how to help.
Guy and Ian play ball. Ian makes a funny face.
Chase decided he likes pasta with red sauce. Good enough to smear all over his face.
I was trying to prove that Gavin has curls. They are still all over when his hair is wet, but straighten out as it dries.
Chasey camera hog.
Who doesn't love a bubble-headed baby?
Quick! Find the special one!

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Cate said...

they are so cute! gorgeous boys.

(although I'm a little tired just looking at them. Holy energy, batman.)

The gymbo bubbles do rock. Our EI speech therapist introduced us to those.