Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chase in the closet

Remember how I told you that Chase says 'bye' like 'go away'? I caught him in the closet after our shower dressing himself in all of Bryan's boxers. When I walked in on him, he told me 'bye' and then shut the door on me!

Listen for him to tell me 'way'- (go away), and other random words as I follow him around.

You should watch. He is way cute. Of course, I am biased, but really, he is.


jessica said...

ohmygoshsocute! :)

Angelle said...

Wow, that was ridiculous cute! I LOVE the boxers on his head!!!

The Schou Family Blog said...

unbelievably adorable! love the video and the boxers on his head! thanks so much for sharing.

Chris said...

He is WAY CUTE!!

He sounds so much like John at this age too. I call him my parrot. He repeats everything you say. I keep telling myself that once the day comes when he realizes he can use all these words he repeats , spontaneously, at will, we will have a true talker on our hands.

All of your boys are so adorable. I LOVE Gavin's hair.

Carydip said...

Chase talks soooo much now!! I just love his hair-he looks so cute! PLEASE do a video of Gavin. I can't believe how much he's changed since I was there in Oct. and he was a little baby that was working on rolling over!!! 3 months later-he's a little kid!! I just can't wait to see everyone in Feb.-just can't wait!! More videos-please! Love ya all~Mom