Friday, December 18, 2009


True story. I am documenting it so someday I can look back and laugh.

8pm- all kids in bed and sleeping. Bryan is included in this, as I shared my stomach bug with him a few days ago.
8-11pm- I clean up, finish making a bunch of Christmas goodies in the kitchen.
11:20pm- I fall into bed.
12:45- Gavin wakes up to eat, then doesn't feel like going back to bed. I can't bring him back to my bed for fear that Bryan will vomit on both of us, so I set up camp in his glider, where he is super cute, but awake, and I try to snooze a teensy bit.
2:30- I return to bed.
3am- Ian runs into my room crying because he thinks his nose is bleeding. Turns out it is just really runny and raw, and he has a fever. He remains hysterical for 30 minutes, but I get him Motrin and back to bed.
3:45- Ian returns to my room approximately 5 seconds after I put my head down and wants me to come with him while he goes potty because he is afraid of the monsters in the bathroom. Also, he wants me to lay with him in his bed for a while because he doesn't like the scary shadows in his room.
4:30am- I leave Ian's room because Gavin is awake again.
5am- After nursing Gavin, I go back to bed.
5:15- ...for 15 minutes, because Chase is now crying at his door because he has peed through his diaper (oh, and filled it up with poo, too).
6am- Gavin is awake with a stuffy nose. I try to suck the boogers out, but they are wedged WAY up there. He eventually falls back to sleep.
6:30- back in bed.
7am- Ian is awake and can't wait to start playing with that flipping chicken that sings the chicken song.
7:30- everyone else is awake.
9am- Chase dumps out my entire cup of coffee on my unread newspaper and the kitchen floor. After I clean that up, he does redeem himself by giving my leg a very sweet hug.



Nikki said...

And I thought my night was bad because Elena woke up 6 or 7 times congested and crying, but your night was definitely worse. Hope you get some rest tonight!

Also, you have my permission to have very thin patience today. You earned it.

April said...

I feel like I need a nap after reading your blog! I don't know how you do it.