Friday, December 11, 2009

The Little Things

With Chase, every little thing is cause for a celebration. I feel like his personal little cheering squad sometimes. This is what just happened:

He got up from nap, and when I went to get him, he was bouncing on his bed. (YAY! PT! Jumping is his next big goal!)
We got downstairs and he asked for milk. (All right! Initiating verbal words!)
I peeled an orange and he tried a slice. (Woo-hoo! World's pickiest eater is eating something healthy!)
He called it an apple- verbally. (Woot! Wrong word, but it's a fruit!)
I corrected him and told him it was an orange- he repeated the word orange. (Rock! Verbal repetition!)
I asked him if he wanted a bowl to put the orange slices in- he repeats the word bowl. (Yee-haw!)
He takes the bowl of orange slices and his milk cup and carries them to the table without spilling. (Yeah, baby! No throwing food!)
He eats the oranges (score again for the picky eater!) and comes back to ask for more apple. (I'll take what I can get :)
I tell him to bring me his empty bowl. He wanders around a little, then proudly brings it back to me to refill. (Helloooooo receptive language!)

I know that Chase teaches us things. I know that I am learning patience from him (God, do I know!) and to appreciate the little things. Asking for more oranges is not a huge accomplishment, but it is HIS accomplishment. He did it. On his own. And sometimes little things are a big deal.


Nikki said...

Awe! So exciting!

Angelle said...

So many accomplishments in one day! It is all coming together...

Kelli said...

That's how I feel...getting excited for every little thing. I think that's one special gift we've been given...

Yay Chase! Keep up the great work!!