Friday, December 25, 2009

Gavin- 6 Months

In the midst of all the Christmas chaos, I almost forgot to post about Gavin's 6 month birthday! Holy cow! That's half a year! That means in 6 more months, he will be ONE! Geez.

Ok. At 6 months, you:
*Sit completely unassisted. You are no longer a weeble.
*Love peek-a-boo
*Giggle when Chase pushes your swing and stops it unexpectedly
*Still don't take a bottle (gah!) and still wake up at least twice a night to nurse (probably my fault at this point!)
*Push yourself backwards
*Pivot on your belly
*Constantly roll onto your belly, play for a long time, and then get really really pissed when you forget how to roll back
*Rock on all fours
*Lift one hand up to grab at something while supporting yourself with the other arm
*Want to touch everything electronic
*Bounce up and down like you are riding a bucking bronco
*Have just started picking up little bits and pieces of junk on the floor
*Love crinkling wrapping paper
*Officially are sporting a mullet. Not quite sure what to do with that still. But I must say, the little curls over your ears that stick out and up are totally cute in an elven kind of way.

I think the funniest thing that has happened this month is that you have realized that you can control what you eat...and you no longer will eat anything green. If it is green, and I put it in your mouth, you will stare at me with your mouth open and your tongue hanging out until the food falls out. This would be a little frustrating except that you don't cry or fuss or anything, you just sit there smiling and looking at us like nothing in the world is wrong-- you just happen to have something on your tongue.

Love you, Guy!

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carydip said...

I can't believe how much Gavin's grown-so quickly! Now-tell Bryan that I need a video!! And how do you lay down to read Ian a story on the ceiling?! Chasey looks so cute with his hair longer!! Miss ya all. Love~Mom