Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Christmas Story or Kids Say the Darndest Things

In Ian's backpack today was his preschool class version of the Christmas Story. It needs to be published for all to see (I just used initials for his classmates' responses in case any of you out there are psychopaths...and because it is a pain in the butt to type out all their names).

My favorite answers are "Life Savers" and "a little tiny motorcycle." What are yours?

Our Christmas Story

What did they feed Baby Jesus?
K, M, L, C, K- baby food
L, C, D- hay
R- lettuce
A- milk
A- Life Savers
(Ian did not have an answer for this one...I'm guessing that he just didn't know. Hey, you can't be an expert on everything)

How did the Wisemen find Baby Jesus?
L, E, L, D, A- Follow the star
K- Walked for a long time
C- the light star
Ian- Because God put the light where Jesus was
R- by a glowing star
K- a light

What did the Wisemen bring Jesus?
L- the baby
D- a pot of gold
EC- baby food
C- a room
C- gold and money
M- love
K, A- gifts
A- food
K, R- gold
C- a banana
Ian- no answer. (I bet he wanted to say Legos)

How many presents did he get?
L, L, C- 5
L- 2
C- 10
C, K, R, D, K, A- 3
Ian- a lot
A, M- 4

What do you think he got for his birthday?
EC- Baby Waddle
E- coins
C- a little tiny motorcycle
C- baby food, money, gold
A, M- pony
R- silver
K- love
D- toys
C- some Dora toys
A- presents
Ian- no answer (what the heck is he doing during class?!)

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
E, EC, A, L, M, D, R, K, K- because it's Jesus's birthday
C- because Baby Jesus wants lots of presents
C- because Jesus was born on Christmas
Ian- Because God sent Jesus down here for us
L- for our moms and dads and our family
C- because you can get presents
A- because Thanksgiving went away

Where was Jesus born?
A, EC- at the farm
L- at the hospital
M, L- in a barn
C- in hay
A, C- in a stable
Ian- in a manger (but when he answers, he pays attention!)
R, L, D, K- Bethlehem
K- at home

Why wasn't Jesus born in a hospital?
E, A, D, K- because there was not any hospitals when he was born
C- I have no idea (at least he's honest!)
Ian- because he was very special

Where did Mary lay Baby Jesus?
L- in a crib
C, E, L- in the hay
L- where animals eat
R, A, C- in a manger
Ian- inside of hay
K- in a bed
K- in a farm
D- in a stack of hay
A- where the animals live

What do you think Jesus is doing this Christmas?
L, C, M, A- celebrating his birthday
EC- dying for our sins
L- putting his Christmas tree up
C- a new earth where no bad people are
Ian- giving us presents (I swear, we never told him that Jesus was coming down the chimney to give presents to the good girls and boys....!)
L- taking care of Sadie and Cinnamon
R- decorating his tree
K- decorating
C, D- playing
A- laying at the farm
K- loving us


Cate said...


LifeSavers are the ideal food for a newborn. Everyone knows that.

Chris said...

That made my day!

Love the wisemen bringing a banana.

And Jesus spending his birthday on a different world where there were no bad people--that one was pretty deep.

Ian obviously only chose to answer when he was sure he would not be saying something that his mother might mock on her blog ;) Little did he know...

jessica said...

Okay, this post may or may not have made me snort. :)