Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ian's trip to the ER

Last night, Ian was climbing into the chair for dinner and somehow biffed and smacked his lip on the chair.  He was bleeding pretty bad, so Bryan took him screaming to the ER.  He ended up with 3 stitches inside his upper lip and 4 prizes from the toybox there.  He also came home with 2 cartons of ice cream, and bags of gummy worms and circus peanuts (Bryan says that since they are soft, he can eat them while he is recouperating.

Here he is this morning.  I think it swelled up more overnight.  He looks pretty monstrous.  Poor guy!

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carydip said...

Poor Ian. Grama just saw your pictures of your lip-ouchy!! Hope it feels better now, gotta be more careful. I miss you and love ya! Say hi to Chasey & Gavin for me. Love~Grama