Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sex Ed.

ACK!  Help!!  

Every once in a while, Ian gets on a kick about wanting another sibling (today he wanted one so that we could 'fill up the van').  Some days he wants a sister, others he would "weally weally weally" like another brother.  Today in the car, he told me that he wanted a brother and could I "please think about having another baby so that he could name him Jackson William, or if it is a girl, she could be named Zoe?"

Several minutes into this conversation, it took a scary little turn, and all of a sudden I was dancing around a birds-and-bees conversation while doing 70mph in a packed minivan.   I tried to satisfy him with vague answers when he asked how the baby got into my belly.  "You need a mommy cell and a daddy cell", "When you are married you can decide to have babies", "When two people love each other very very much...".  But every time I tried one of those, he would answer back with, "But HOW do you get the cells together?"  I even tried the "Let's talk about this when you are a little older,"  but that just stirred up more interest ("Well, can't you just give me a hint...?")

So, my question is...when did you have the official real live talk with your kids about this?  I don't necessarily want to go into all of the details with him, because he is, well, FOUR, and also because he is a very inquisitive little boy.  I can just imagine the conversations he will have with all the little girls and boys at preschool when he is armed with this kind of information.

What do I do?  I ended tonight's conversation by throwing Bryan under the bus- I told him that it was something I'd have to talk to Daddy about, and we had to wait until he got home.  That buys me 24 hours.  Maybe he will just forget.  But if he doesn' there some book for 4 year olds that can explain baby-making in a simple, non-scarring way?  Oy.


carydip said...

OY is right! There is a book-I don't know the name but you could probably find something at the library like 'sex ed for tots'! I know they haven't had 'the talk' with Taylyn yet but have had to try what you did. You're not supposed to give them more info then needed but just barely enough to satisfy his questions. I agree about his preschool conversations! But I agree with him about another sibling! :) Love~Mom

Tiffanyrose said...

I am curious about the response for this, I have still have not talked to Kenna. It is almost like I want to preserve her innocence a little longer. I know the time is quickly approaching though.

Cate said...

oh boy. good luck with that.

I think Where Did I Come From? is pretty popular.

Most bookstores have an area of books that are aimed at helping parents talk to kids about difficult subjects. It's often in the children's area. Not that you have lots of time to run around, but then again, some time at B&N is usually a treat for my kids. Maybe you can sneak off.

Brian is not going to be happy with you! I totally would have done the same thing.

mom said...

Nobody asked me that question when they were four! Good God, children sure know more now than they did 30 years ago!

mom said...

P.S. No more babies! I am getting too old and creaky for them!